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Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a term describing a group of hydrocarbon-based gases derived from crude oil and or natural gas. Natural gas purification produces about 55 percent of all LPG, while crude oil refining produces about 45 percent. LPG, primarily propane, is widely used as a fuel for heating and cooking in rural America and other areas where natural gas lines are unavailable. Its transportability and easy storage have boosted its popularity.

Neptune Type 4D Flowmeters

1-1/2″ and 1-1/4″ Type 4D meters, with double case design, have been specifically designed for the custody transfer of Liquefied Propane & Butane Gas (LPG).

PL 100 LPG Dispenser Pump

The PL100 has been specifically designed and manufactured to met the rigorous requirements for pumping volatile liquids such as LP gas.

Model 157 Register

The Model 157 Register is a non-resettable totalizer that provides an increasing cumulative reading.

Auto-Stop Switches

Neptune Model 23 Auto-Stop Switches used with 800 series preset registers extend the Auto-Stop feature to electrically operated systems for the remote actuation of valves, pumps or other accessory equipment.

Mass Flow Transducers
Mass Flow Transducers

The mass flow transducer provides accurate, continuous, direct measurement of mass, density, temperature and percent solids. We offer solutions over a number of flow ranges.

NexGen SFT200 Mass Flow Transmitter
NexGen SFT200 Mass Flow Transmitter

The NexGen SFT200 mass flow transmitter provides a small, efficient, low-cost control system for our mass flow transducers.

NexGen SFT100 Mass Flow Transmitter
NexGen SFT100 Mass Flow Transmitter

The NexGen SFT 100 Mass Flow Transmitter interfaces with the entire family of Neptune mass flowmeter transducers.

MassTrack Inventory Management System
MassTrack Inventory Management System

Mass inventory management systems combine the superior accuracy of Neptune mass flowmeters with specialized software to bring all product flows under control.

Neptune RML2000 Mass Flowmeter for Bobtails

The only truck-mounted mass flowmeter with more than seven years of proven performance.

Neptune E4000 Electronic Register

The Neptune E4000 electronic register automates transaction operations for deliveries of LPG, distillate fuels, and other commercially distributed liquids through flow meters on bulk delivery trucks.

Neptune E1000 Electronic Register for Dispensers

Simple, reliable electronic registration for dispenser meters

Neptune 4D-MT LPG Tank Truck Meter

The Neptune 2″ LPG meter is the worldwide standard for truck mounted metering. The aluminum body flowmeter comes complete and ready for installation…

Neptune 4D-MD Meter for LPG Dispensers

The Neptune 1″ Type 4D-MD meter has been specifically designed for the custody transfer of Liquefied Propane and Butane gas (LPG). This meter utilizes the oscillating piston positive displacement principle.

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