E4000 Main Board Version

Beginning February 1, 2020, all E4000s will incorporate a new main board with revised memory circuitry. This change does not affect the features and operation of the register in any way, but does affect the flash programming procedure used to update or repair the E4000 firmware. Each version of the board can only be programmed with the installer and files for that version. Full details are on the pages for the appropriate version. The new boards are physically interchangeable with the old boards and can be used to service older units, but the unit must then be programmed with the new procedure. The two versions will be identified as RB or HEX, based on firmware file names.

How to Tell the Version of an E4000 Main Board

E4000 Display – When the unit is turned on, a copyright date will briefly appear on the display. On the newer HEX versions, the date will be 2019. An earlier date will indicate RB (previous version).

Ship Date – All units shipped on or after February 1, 2020, will be HEX version, as will any unit undergoing board replacement at the factory after this date.

Board appearance – The older board (RB version) has the JTAG connector adjacent to the display connector, and the battery (yellow cylinder) is closer to the center of the board.

The HEX board does not have the JTAG connector, but has a two-position socket for the programming jumper, located near the rear of the unit on the same side as the display cable.

Proceed to RB Flash Programming

Proceed to HEX Flash Programming