Javier Custodio, Petromóvil Republica Dominicana

The use of technology has been a significant advance, it has helped us to reduce operating costs such as maintenance and efficient development of the operation. It has supported us in the differentiation of our brand vs the competition, because we use technology generating greater confidence in our users and end customers.

-Javier Custodio (Facilities Manager), Petromóvil Republica Dominicana

Jorge Hernandez, H&T LTDA Chile

The added value offered by the implementation of R. S. M technology to our customers or end users is that we combine measurement with tradition with technological innovation. Which gives us greater control and flexibility in our operating processes.
We move from simple analog measurement to a technology that allows continuous monitoring and recording the history of product movement in a database. Which allows to have an integral control in the movement in each of the areas of operation.

-Jorge Hernandez (Manager), H&T LTDA Chile

MAIKO Engineering Colombia

The Mechanical Engineer Cesar Villalobos, Manager of Maiko, with 23 years of experience in the Industry of the G. L. P, and a user for 13 years of automation systems with Troy II and Meters in the plant, comments that with the use of the technology it is possible to obtain an efficiency at the level of inventory control in plants for the storage and packaging of G. L. P, via remote we can see what is happening in the plant with the monitoring of the software for inventory control and operation, reducing the possibilities of product loss. A record or footprint of the information obtained in each of the filling processes can be achieved, which is a great advantage for the traceability of the operations in the packaging, by obtaining direct measures of the equipment such as density and temperature, not only improves the accuracy of the results, but also reduces the times in the physical inventory processes.

-Cesar Villalobos, MAIKO Engineering Colombia

DyTerra Corp

We had recently installed 8 RML 2000 systems in Saskatchewan Canada. The systems are being used in an Anhydrous Ammonia application. To accommodate our customers needs, Itron had the Canadian Approval changed so that the meter could be used in a Mass application. The meters are performing excellent. Flow rate is a concern for our customers, and the RML 2000 delivers. Currently we have the systems performing between 165-210 KG’s per minute! Now for accuracy, there is no comparison, I have been calibrating meters many years and I have never seen a more accurate system. The Repeatability of this system in second to none. Each delivery is very consistent and the best thing is no moving parts! The season for Ammonia delivery is very short and the demand for a durable system and quick delivery is a concern. I have been servicing meters for approx 6 years now and have always had problems with the “Yellow Brand” and there components. The first RML 2000 systems we had installed, I have never had a service call on yet, and the customer is very happy about this. All I ask is that Itron/ Actaris does not change supplier for your internal mechanical parts (Diaphragm /main valve seal), stick with what works, and we will continue to sell more systems. Keep up the good work, and DON’T CHANGE A THING!

-Trevor Green, DyTerra Corp

National Energy Equipment

I have worked for distributors when it was Neptune, Schlumberger, Actaris and now Itron. The two consistent things I like is the product has stayed top notch and the inside customer service support has the same personnel that are very knowledgeable and helpful.

-Harold Bemis, National Energy Equipment

Coriolis Calibration Study

A major propane marketer recently completed a survey of 53 mechanical truck meters, recording an average 1.9% error in calibration. For a truck that delivers 450,000 gallons (1,703,440 liters) per year, that meant they were giving away 9000 gallons (34,069 liters) of product each year. For these 53 trucks, the total unmetered product over a year was 477,000 gallons (1,805,641 liters).  In contrast, the results of a survey of 61 mass flow meters showed an average calibration error of less than 0.1 percent. Two meters with over five years of service each recorded ZERO calibration error.

Accuflo / Super Save

A Neptune mass flow meter was put into service in 1996 on a Super Save LPG delivery truck. This year the chassis was replaced and the meter transferred onto the new chassis without any work being done. Nobody is quite sure of the total deliveries but a safe estimation would be in excess of 200,000,000 litres (that’s two hundred million).

Kevin Bigelow, Service Manager, Accu-Flo Meter Service Ltd.