Mass Flow

  • Neptune RML2000 Mass Flowmeter for BobtailsNeptune RML2000 Mass Flowmeter for Bobtails
    The only truck-mounted mass flowmeter with more than seven years of proven performance.
  • Mass Flow TransducersMass Flow Transducers
    The mass flow transducer provides accurate, continuous, direct measurement of mass, density, temperature and percent solids. We offer solutions over a number of flow ranges.
  • NexGen SFT100 Mass Flow TransmitterNexGen SFT100 Mass Flow Transmitter
    The NexGen SFT 100 Mass Flow Transmitter interfaces with the entire family of Neptune mass flowmeter transducers.
  • DATAMATE 2200 Mass Flow ComputerDATAMATE 2200 Mass Flow Computer
    The DATAMATE 2200 Mass Flow Computer interfaces with the entire family of Neptune Coriolis mass flowmeter transducers. The microprocessor-based DATAMATE is configurable in the field.
  • NexGen SFT200 Mass Flow TransmitterNexGen SFT200 Mass Flow Transmitter
    The NexGen SFT200 mass flow transmitter provides a small, efficient, low-cost control system for our mass flow transducers.
  • MassTrack Inventory Management SystemMassTrack Inventory Management System
    Mass inventory management systems combine the superior accuracy of Neptune mass flowmeters with specialized software to bring all product flows under control.
  • Neptune E4000 Electronic RegisterNeptune E4000 Electronic Register
    The Neptune E4000 electronic register automates transaction operations for deliveries of LPG, distillate fuels, and other commercially distributed liquids through flow meters on bulk delivery trucks.