Neptune RML2000 Mass Flowmeter for Bobtails

The only truck-mounted mass flowmeter with over fifteen years of proven performance.

In 2002, we introduced the world’s first mass flowmeter designed to meet the rigorous demands of the LPG bobtail environment. Since then, the advantages of this all-electronic system have been proven again and again. With no moving parts to wear out, the RML2000 provides dependable, maintenance-free service. Discover how the unmatched accuracy and maintenance-free reliability of the Neptune RML2000 can increase your efficiency and profitability.


  • Improved accuracy eliminates unmetered product
  • Accuracy is not affected by temperature, pressure, density, or viscosity
  • Wider range – 100:1 turndown vs. 5:1 for mechanical meters
  • No moving parts – reduced downtime, longer service life, greater calibration stability
  • Reduced weight


Installation Manual
Tech Sheet
Why measure mass? View the mass flowmeter tutorial.
White paper: Mass Flow Metering for LPG Delivery