Auto-Stop Switches

Neptune Model 23 Auto-Stop Switches, used with 800 series preset registers, extend the Auto-Stop feature to electrically operated systems for the remote actuation of valves, pumps or other accessory equipment. They can be supplied on new flowmeters or added to flowmeters already designed for Auto-Stop operation. They can be used with any 800 Series Preset Register.

There are two types of Auto-Stop Switches, 23A and 23B. They are identical in outward appearance; however, the Model 23A is a two-stage switch used with actuated valves and the Model 23B is a single stage switch.

Model 23A

The Model 23A is designed to be used only with a double-trip Auto-Stop Register. The Model 23A provides two switch closures for two-stage shutdown of solenoid valves with the final closure also de-energizing the pump if needed. No mechanical valve is needed with the Model 23A switch. Model 23A switches are double-pole double-throw (DPDT).

Model 23B

The Model 23 B can be used with either a single trip or double trip Auto-Stop Register. Model 23B Switches provide one switch closure for single trip valve shutdown and/or pump de-energizing. They may be used with or without an auto-stop valve. Model 23B switches fit to the rear housing of the auto-stop register and allow the operator to electrically energize and de-energize some other device in sequence with the auto-stop register. The Model 23B switch is commonly wired to a motor starter for a pump. When activating the mechanical batch operation at the auto-stop register, the pump is energized at the same time. The switch closes and the pump is de-energized at the end of the batch. The Model 23B switch may be used with the auto-stop register even if a mechanical valve is not used. In these cases, the Model 23B starts and stops the flow for approximate batching application. Model 23B switches are single-pole double-throw (SPDT).