Neptune Batchmate 1500

The BATCHMATE may be thought of as two separate counters and a rate meter. The “batching” counter counts to “pre-warn” and “preset” set points entered by the user and enables separate control outputs. The “totalizing” counter gives a cumulative reading or grand total.

Additionally, the rate meter counts the number of pulses per second and, with its scaling feature, provides gpm or any other rate measurement. At any time the user may view the total, the grand total or the rate, while never interrupting the counting process.

The front panel keypad controls the menu-driven software used for system set-up. Start/stop control can be activated via the front panel keys or remote switches.


  • Preset counter with two stage batch control
  • Displays total, rate or grand total
  • Pulse or analog input
  • K-factor programmable to 8 places
  • NEMA 4X front panel
  • Optional 4-20mA analog output
  • Scaled pulse output
  • Security Lockout
  • Remote operation (start, stop, reset)
  • Missing pulse (meter failure) detection


O&M Manual
Tech Sheet