Neptune Type S High Pressure Flowmeter

The Neptune Type S Nutating Disc High Pressure (HP) Flowmeters are precision-constructed measuring instruments used for accurate measurement of liquids at high pressures. The dual case measuring chamber design means accuracy does not change with increased fluid pressures.


  • Heavy duty design withstands high pressure
  • Simple in design and easy to service
  • Standard NPT fittings for easy installation
  • Compact design


  • Liquids: Inks, Solvents, and Mineral Oils
  • Industry: Printing

Case Study

A major printer based in Chicago, Illinois uses hundreds of Type S High Pressure meters to measure offset printing ink to printing presses. Ink is very expensive and must be measured accurately. The Type S High Pressure Meter provides the accuracy and cost control that this printer and many others require in their processes.


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