Type S Meter with Magnetic Drive

The 2″ Type S Magnetic Drive flowmeter, with double case construction, utilizes the nutating disc positive displacement technology. This design results in an accurate meter, which is insensitive to small changes in viscosity and flow profile disturbances. The magnetic drive feature eliminates the use of a drive shaft stuffing box eliminating a leak path. This enables measurement of difficult fluids such as salt brine and sugar, which tend to crystallize. The Type S Magnetic Drive is an ideal selection for continuous operation because they substantially reduce leaks and measuring element clogging. Further, the external gear train and register may be serviced without flow interruption.

Applications: Liquids: Vegetable oils, liquid sugar, water, corn syrup, sucrose, mineral spirits, solvents, latex, asphalt, fuel oil, molasses, animal fat, Toulene, Acetone, milk, juice, acids, lube oil.

Industry: Sewage Treatment, Brick Manufacturing, Ceiling Tile manufacturing, Hospital utilities, School Heating, Pharmaceuticals, Adhesives, Farm Services, Fragrances, Animal Feed, Chemicals, Food Canning, Bakery, Plastics, Beverage Production, Paint and Coatings, Tire Manufacturing, Paper Mill, Beverage Bottling


  • Compatible with hundreds of Non-Acidic liquids
  • No dynamic seals, Magnetic Drive eliminates the stuffing box and drive shaft gear train enabling measurement of difficult fluids
  • External gear train and register may be serviced without flow interruption
  • Capable of measuring hazardous fluids and fluids with particle matter


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