Digital Pulse Transmitters

Digital transmitters produce signals that exist only in one of two states: ON or OFF. These states may also be referred to as HIGH or LOW, or 1 or 0 (zero).

Model VR7697 (Models 35, 43 & 45):
This economical and versatile bi-directional digital pulse transmitter provides 10 pulses per revolution with excitation power of 115-250 VAC or 12-36 VDC, making it compatible with most remote read-out equipment. Used with 600 Series Register.

Model VR7671 (HR) (Models 35 HR, 43 HR, & 45 HR):
This solid state Hall Effect digital pulse transmitter provides 50 or 100 pulses per revolution. Note that input (excitation) power is limited to 10-15 VDC.


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