Very Low Flow Flowmeters

VLF (very low flow) flowmeters have been designed to measure the flow of light fuel or diesel oil, for example, in applications such as measuring fuel oil consumption at large boiler plants, in a diesel engine generator and on engine test rigs.The register unit is housed in a vacuum sealed casing secure from dirt, dust and condensation. Operation of the meter can be verified by checking the disc rotation in the dial center.


Model VLF-4 VLF-8 VLF-20
Size 1/8″ 3/8″ 3/4″
Min. Flow (Qmin) .25 gph 1 gph 8 gph
Max. Flow (Qmax) 20 gph 50 gph 390 gph
Continuous Flow (Qcont) 14 gph 35 gph 265 gph
Max. Pressure 355 psi 355 psi 225 psi/td>
Max. Temp 140° F 140° F 260° F


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