PL 100 LPG Dispenser Pump

The PL100 Pump is a regenerative turbine pump. Liquid is drawn into the inlet and enters a chamber where it flows around a double-sided impeller. The liquid is directed into the vanes, which move the liquid forward while at the same time imparting a circulatory motion within the vane, increasing the liquid’s kinetic energy. As the liquid leaves one vane, it is directed into the next, and the process is repeated. Each successive trip through the vanes results in a further gain of energy. This process is called regeneration, and enables the pump to deliver an outlet pressure up to ten times greater than a centrifugal pump with the same impeller diameter.

As the differential pressure (between the inlet and outlet) increases, the horsepower required to drive the pump increases, and the capacity decreases.

Since the impeller is the only moving part and has no contact with the casing, it experiences practically no wear, even when pumping volatile, non-lubricating liquids such as LP gas.


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