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The Best Dispenser Meter is Now Even Better

The Neptune 4D-MD meter has long been the standard for accuracy and reliability in LPG dispensing applications. At Red Seal Measurement, we value our customers’ suggestions for product improvement. Based on feedback from the field, we’ve identified several modifications to enhance the performance and durability of the 4D-MD, and after rigorous evaluation, we’re pleased to announce their implementation. Some of these changes have already been incorporated, and the remainder are being introduced into production beginning May 1, 2018.

Read the full newsflash on the 4D-MD improvements.

Auto-Stop Switches

Neptune Model 23 Auto-Stop Switches, used with 800 series preset registers, extend the Auto-Stop feature to electrically operated systems for the remote actuation of valves, pumps or other accessory equipment. They can be supplied on new flowmeters or added to flowmeters already designed for Auto-Stop operation. They can be used with any 800 Series Preset Register.

There are two types of Auto-Stop Switches, 23A and 23B. They are identical in outward appearance; however, the Model 23A is a two-stage switch used with actuated valves and the Model 23B is a single stage switch.

Model 23A

The Model 23A is designed to be used only with a double-trip Auto-Stop Register. The Model 23A provides two switch closures for two-stage shutdown of solenoid valves with the final closure also de-energizing the pump if needed. No mechanical valve is needed with the Model 23A switch. Model 23A switches are double-pole double-throw (DPDT).

Model 23B

The Model 23 B can be used with either a single trip or double trip Auto-Stop Register. Model 23B Switches provide one switch closure for single trip valve shutdown and/or pump de-energizing. They may be used with or without an auto-stop valve. Model 23B switches fit to the rear housing of the auto-stop register and allow the operator to electrically energize and de-energize some other device in sequence with the auto-stop register. The Model 23B switch is commonly wired to a motor starter for a pump. When activating the mechanical batch operation at the auto-stop register, the pump is energized at the same time. The switch closes and the pump is de-energized at the end of the batch. The Model 23B switch may be used with the auto-stop register even if a mechanical valve is not used. In these cases, the Model 23B starts and stops the flow for approximate batching application. Model 23B switches are single-pole double-throw (SPDT).

Neptune Batchmate 1500

The BATCHMATE may be thought of as two separate counters and a rate meter. The “batching” counter counts to “pre-warn” and “preset” set points entered by the user and enables separate control outputs. The “totalizing” counter gives a cumulative reading or grand total.

Additionally, the rate meter counts the number of pulses per second and, with its scaling feature, provides gpm or any other rate measurement. At any time the user may view the total, the grand total or the rate, while never interrupting the counting process.

The front panel keypad controls the menu-driven software used for system set-up. Start/stop control can be activated via the front panel keys or remote switches.


  • Preset counter with two stage batch control
  • Displays total, rate or grand total
  • Pulse or analog input
  • K-factor programmable to 8 places
  • NEMA 4X front panel
  • Optional 4-20mA analog output
  • Scaled pulse output
  • Security Lockout
  • Remote operation (start, stop, reset)
  • Missing pulse (meter failure) detection


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Digital Pulse Transmitters

Digital transmitters produce signals that exist only in one of two states: ON or OFF. These states may also be referred to as HIGH or LOW, or 1 or 0 (zero).

Model VR7697 (Models 35, 43 & 45):
This economical and versatile bi-directional digital pulse transmitter provides 10 pulses per revolution with excitation power of 115-250 VAC or 12-36 VDC, making it compatible with most remote read-out equipment. Used with 600 Series Register.

Model VR7671 (HR) (Models 35 HR, 43 HR, & 45 HR):
This solid state Hall Effect digital pulse transmitter provides 50 or 100 pulses per revolution. Note that input (excitation) power is limited to 10-15 VDC.


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PL 100 LPG Dispenser Pump

The PL100 Pump is a regenerative turbine pump. Liquid is drawn into the inlet and enters a chamber where it flows around a double-sided impeller. The liquid is directed into the vanes, which move the liquid forward while at the same time imparting a circulatory motion within the vane, increasing the liquid’s kinetic energy. As the liquid leaves one vane, it is directed into the next, and the process is repeated. Each successive trip through the vanes results in a further gain of energy. This process is called regeneration, and enables the pump to deliver an outlet pressure up to ten times greater than a centrifugal pump with the same impeller diameter.

As the differential pressure (between the inlet and outlet) increases, the horsepower required to drive the pump increases, and the capacity decreases.

Since the impeller is the only moving part and has no contact with the casing, it experiences practically no wear, even when pumping volatile, non-lubricating liquids such as LP gas.


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PD6830 Pulse Input Rate/Totalizer

The new PD6830 Explosion-Proof Rate/Totalizer brings modern design, easy readability, and enhanced functionality to hazardous areas around the world in a way never seen before. Operators want a meter that looks nice so they can be proud to install it in their facility. They want a meter with a display that provides the important information about their process, can be seen under various lighting conditions, from wide angles, and from a distance. The PD6830 delivers all this and more.


Instruction Manual
Wiring Instructions Quick Start Guide
Configuring Pulses Quick Start Guide

Neptune Pulsmate Electronic Register

The Neptune Pulsmate Electronic Register enhances the flow management capabilities of Type MP and magnetic drive Type S flowmeters. This battery or externally powered register displays rate and total simultaneously and includes a scalable pulse output for interfacing with supervisory control.

The Pulsmate Electronic Register can be used with the Neptune Magnetic Type S and Type MP Meters.

Applications include

  • The Pulsmate allows a battery power facility field mounting to replace a mechanical system where no local power is available.
  • Localized resettable totalizer is ideal for simple manual batching.
  • Local indication of flow rate from a Neptune PD meter on the Pulsmate allows simple process monitoring.
  • Monitor long term cumulative flow through a meter for allocation or inventory management purposes.
  • Use the pulse output to a flow computer to control batching and blending operations.
  • Optional 4-20 mA analog output provides remote flowrate indication to a centralized process control system.
  • Alarm feature signals if flow rate drifts outside the preset hi-low limits making the Pulsmate very useful in cooling water monitoring applications and quality control applications.


  • Electronic calibration provides faster set-up and eliminates the need to replace change gears.
  • Simultaneous rate and total displays
  • Track both flow rate and cumulative volume
  • Optional alarms signal when flow rate is not within upper or lower set point limits
  • Selectable totalizer models
  • Resettable for measuring repetitive processes
  • Non-Resettable (cumulative) for tracking flow over extended time
  • Scalable pulse output enables remote totalization and process monitoring anytime, anywhere
  • Track both flow rate and cumulative volume
  • Optional alarms signal when flow rate is not within upper or lower set point limits
  • Retrofittable to existing flowmeters – compatible with Type MP and magnetic drive Type S flowmeters
  • No mechanical gear trains
  • Durable housing made out of Isoplast enclosure


O&M Manual
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Model 157 Register

The Model 157 Register is a non-resettable totalizer that provides an increasing cumulative reading. An input shaft connected to the register change gear drives the register. There is a 1:1 ratio between the input shaft and the first wheel. To measure in increments of more than a single unit, the Model 157 uses “fixed zeros” to the right of the first wheel. A Model 157 Register reading in gallons or pounds is a function of the flowmeter’s gear train ratio and the ratio of the two change gears. For each complete revolution of the pointer, the right hand wheel on the totalizer will rotate one complete revolution.


  • Seven digit direct reading register with six odometer wheels and a sweep hand for the least significant digit
  • Easy to attach and remove from the flowmeter


Tech Sheet

Neptune 600 Series Mechanical Register

The 600 series Register is mechanically driven designed for easy adaptation to a local or remote batching and recording system. The 600 series register offers a 5 digit delivery quantity reset similar to the Models 831/841 and an 8 digit non-resettable totalizer. It is fully mechanical and does not offer mechanical preset or ticket printing options.


  • Five digit roller type reset wheels, with ¾” numerals for ease in reading up to 10-15 feet away
  • Eight small non-resettable totalizing wheels mounted at the top right of the register front serve as an odometer
  • Low profile for ease in retro fit installations
  • Light weight, heavy gauge steel outer casing
  • Ability to mount all digital and analog pulse transmitters, calibrated output
  • Available in US and Imperial gallons, litres, decalitres, pounds and kilograms


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Neptune 800 Series Mechanical Register

The 800 series register is the latest of four multi-function devices specifically designed for petroleum distribution and industrial process industries. Some models allow automatic preset deliveries via mechanical valve and Weights and Measures approved ticket printing.


The 800 Series Registers consist of the Model 830 Series and the Model 840 Series. Model 830 Series registers are in tenths and the Model 840 Series registers are in units.

Models 831 and 841 are direct reading resettable registers with the basic non-resettable totalizer.

Models 832 and 842 are the basic 830 and 840 features plus a preset register that provides automatic deliveries. The operator sets the register for the desired quantity from the front panel. The flow will cut off automatically at the exact volume desired when used in conjunction with either a mechanical valve or a solenoid actuated valve. There are two preset models available, a single trip for one stage shutoff or a double trip for two stage shutoff (delivery decreases, then the final shutoff stops the delivery).

Models 833 and 843 are the basic 830 and 840 features plus a printer register that prints a receipt or ticket showing the readings before and after delivery. The register locks the ticket during delivery to prevent fraud. Providing two letter wheels in the register makes it possible to print a letter code on the ticket to identify the flowmeter or truck. These letter wheels can print any single letter or combination of two letters from A to J, omitting I. Additionally, three serial number wheels are provided in the register to number each ticket consecutively from 000 to 999. There are four printer models available:

  • Accumulative Face Up (most commonly used): Prints beginning reading and the final reading
  • Accumulative Face Down (for outside use): Prints beginning reading and the final reading
  • Zero Start Face Up (for larger deliveries): Prints all zeros and the actual delivery
  • Zero Start Face Down (for larger deliveries): Prints all zeros and the actual delivery

Models 834 and 844 are printer-preset registers that combine the features of the other registers. They contain the preset quantity control plus the printed ticket features.


  • Standard eight digit non-resettable totalizer, five digit delivery display, four preset and five or six digit printer
  • Measurement in Gallons, tenths of gallons, litres, dekalitres, pounds and kilograms
  • High visibility ¾” wheels
  • Long life, precision die cast Zamac printer wheels provide clear, sharp, easy to read tickets


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